NextGen Cleaners

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Welcome to NextGen Cleaners

  Making silicon valley a cleaner place for your family and ours.

For years, there has been no choice but to clean clothes in solvents which have been based upon carbon chemistry. We clean clothes with a new solvent -- GreenEarth Solvent! Unlike current solvents, it's a solution that is not based on carbon chemistry, its a liquid silicone!

At NextGen Cleaners, we are one of the few environmentally friendly drycleaner in the San Jose Area using GreenEarth cleaning solution to clean your dry cleanable garments. Every garment you give to us for drycleaning is cleaned with one of the most gentle cleaning solvents available today - gentle on fabrics, gentle on beads and sequins, gentle on delicate dyes, and most of all - gentle on Mother Earth.
From alterations and tailoring, laundry and wet cleaning, we have a complete range of services to meet your needs. We strive to provide each of our customers with quality service at a fair price.

Next Gen Cleaners